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Query builder UI / UX

A full redesign of the query editor with the flagship Brandwatch product.

I was one of two designer working on this project, we worked on all aspects of the design process together to create a best in class query writting experience.


Brandwatch is all about understand online conversation, you need to start with a query to define what you want to see.

Intrested in what the internet is saying about Apple, you need a query!

Searcing just 'Apple' will return too many results, did you really want to hear about recipies for apple pies?

Crafting a query that captures the correct mentions is a tricky task, the query builder offers the tools to enable analysits to get the data that matters.

What did I do?
  • IA / Problem definition
  • Workshops
  • Wireframes
  • Testing
  • Prototypes
Understanding the problems

Working with our UX Research team, we spoke to customers to understand their pain points in the query writting experince.

Two became one

A key reason this project was set as a bussiness proirty was Brandwatch merged with their number one competitior. Merging our tech was the first step to make us act like one company.

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Both compaies had a different approch to the query writting experience, so we were tasked with creating a new editor that was the best of both, and helped onboard users to the new way of working.


Not only can you search by keyword with Brandwatch, but you can also search by image / logo or even by a group of people. The UI needed to present the different search methods in a clear way that was true to how the features worked.

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During the research, we uncovered that unclear error messages left users feeling lost and was a key reason for churn.

A large exploration was kicked off to catalog all exsiting error messages and improve them. Error messages like, "Synax Erorr" were all removed and more helpful suggestions added.

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Fixing edge cases

At every turn there was an edge case, merging the query writting experience was one project, but merging how clients are charged for queries is anything thing. There was edge cases that required creative solutions to enable to project to move forward.

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Guiding users

The query writting experience is complex. There are other tools in the platform (that I also worked on) if you just want to avoid this complexity, but its nessussary if you want full control of your search.

Where possible we guide users to make informed choices and educate in platform.

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